The Importance of Cleaning Up After a Job

Why we take the time to pick up errant nails

Many roofers think their job starts and ends on the top of a house. They replace plywood, make sure flashings are waterproof and nail down those shingles as well as anybody in the business. But at Top House Roofing, we aren’t just in the roofing business – we’re in the business of giving our clients peace of mind.

Our thorough groundwork

At the end of every job, both the roof and the ground around it is inspected by our crew. Now, many roofing companies inspect the roof, but few go that extra step and take the inspection down into the grass. But we make it a part of ours because we want your home to remain a safe place – and for you to feel respected.

Dedication to detail

When roofers turn a blind eye to the eavestrough full of granular debris, and the yard sporting random broken shingle pieces, it’s hard to imagine the job they’re doing looks much better.

At Top House Roofing, it’s those little details that we want to get right. Picking up nails and other debris from the yard as we work is just one example of our dedication to details. Because if you get the little things right, chances are you’ll get the big things right too.

Dedication to safety

From underlayment that’s easy for our crew to walk on, to proper harnesses for every roofer, we want our roofers to feel safe and know how much we care about them. But that safety doesn’t begin and end with those on the roof. Children, pets and even adults can be injured if roofers are not careful.

Our crew takes great care when removing shingles, doing our best to make sure everything lands in the recycling bin. While flying shingles pose a problem in the moment, nails, which can easily slip out of roofer’s hands and tumble down the roof, pose a risk until they are found – whether that’s by us, or by an unsuspecting child’s foot. We do everything in our power to make sure we find it first – that’s why at the end of every work day, you’ll see our crew scanning the area with our magnet. We want to keep your home a safe place to come home to.

Dedication you can see

With Top House Roofing, we want you to see the difference a caring roofing team makes. From the first consult, to the final yard sweep, we want you to feel understood and respected so that you can be confident you’re dealing with a quality roofing company who truly cares about you.

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