Not every accident or drip requires a full removal and installation of a new roof. When you need your roof repaired, you want it done timely and properly.

At Top House Roofing, we offer the same standard of care and dedication to quality with each of our repairs as we do with full roof replacements. With our Preferred Contractor status, and our Certified Installer designations, we will make sure your home is weather proof once again.

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Repair Or Replace?
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It can be difficult to determine whether it’s more cost effective to repair your roof, or replace it entirely.

To help you understand your best option, we offer free, certified roof inspections with a repair/replace analysis. This analysis begins with a free inspection from our HAAG Certified Roof Inspector to determine the issues with your roof. Then, we do a cost-benefit analysis on your choices: the cost of replacing the whole roof or a portion of it versus the cost of repairing the damaged area.

During this analysis, we take into account 3 main components:

  1. The general condition of your roof
  2. The condition of your roofing products
  3. How extensive the damage is

So, while a small tree falling on your home may seem like it should just need a small fix, if your roof is older and already due for a replacement, we can save you money by recommending a full replacement now, versus repairing it only to replace it within the year.

Our certified roof inspector can provide you with a replace/repair analysis.

When To Get Your Roof Inspected

You need a solid, dependable roof that will protect your family despite what the weather is doing outside. Though there are a few simpler problems you can spot from the sidewalk, like curling shingles, most roofing issues are hidden, leaving you unsure what state your roof is in.

Whether you just bought a new home, haven’t had an inspection for decades, or you’re certain there’s damage, a roof inspection will determine the state of your roof and give you the information you need to properly make decisions going forward.

Get the assurance you need to feel safe and confident in your home with a proper roof inspection from Top House Roofing.

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