From the first interaction, to the products we use, to our final sweep for nails during cleanup, we work hard to make sure the homeowners we work with are completely satisfied with our work. That means proper communication, proper clean up, and of course, quality installation of shingles and roofing products you can count on.

Lethbridge Roof Replacements

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Available Roofing Types

Metal Roofing

Lethbridge Metal Roof

A beautiful home deserves a beautiful roof. Metal roofing offers homeowners increased durability and in a variety of beautiful style options to suit your taste and boost curb appeal. Top House Roofing is a certified installer for Wakefield Bridge and Boral Stone-Coated metal, ensuring your metal roof lasts as long as it should.

Composite Plastic Shakes

Lethbridge Luxury Shakes

DaVinci artificial shakes are engineered to withstand fire, wind, hail, and freeze/thaw cycles. Modeled from slate and cedar shakes, Davinci composite shakes will remain beautiful for years to come. Top House Roofing is a Masterpiece installer for Davinci, ensuring your composite slate/shakes look beautiful for years to come.

Asphalt Shingles

Owens Corning Lethbridge Asphalt Shingles

Too often, improperly installed or cheap asphalt shingles shear off in heavy winds. In Lethbridge, it’s crucial to install shingles that can withstand our frequent, powerful winds. We only offer asphalt shingles that will stand up to Southern Alberta’s toughest weather, so you can rest assured that when the wind is up, your shingles will stay down. Top House Roofing is a certified installer for Owens Corning, ensuring your asphalt shingles last.

Impact Resistant Shingles

Lethbridge Impact Resistant Shingles

In Lethbridge, hail comes in legendary sizes. It dents cars, smashes windows and beats roofing shingles to pulp. To help protect your home, Top House Roofing offers the most impact-resistant shingles on the market, so the next time you see those hailstones the size of golf balls – you can rest easy because your roof is protected.

Choosing The Right Roofing Product

When a contractor comes to your home, you want to make sure their product is right for you and your needs. Quotes tell so little that it can be hard to understand what you’re getting for your money, and if it will satisfy your needs.

At Top House Roofing, we take extra time during each job to explain every aspect to our customers to be both transparent, and to help educate you on the state of your roof – what needs to be fixed, what is still sound, and where preventative maintenance could save you money.

Whatever your roofing needs, be it standard or designer shingles, metal cladding, or decorative metal, we install on all sloped roofs at a 2/12 pitch and greater.

Are you unsure whether your roof needs a repair or a replacement? No problem. Top House Roofing offers a free roof analysis to help determine the best option for you.

Our certified roof inspector can provide you with a replace/repair analysis.

When is it Time to Replace My Roof?

Too often we ignore our roof until the rain starts leaking onto our head. Don’t let your roofing get that far. It’s time to replace your roofing when:

  • Shingles curl
  • There’s lots of granular loss (which shows up in your downspouts)
  • Leaks appear
  • Mould begins to form on the plywood in your attic
  • The shingles or other roofing material are reaching the end of their lifespan (anywhere from 15-25 years for 3-tab shingles and 25-40 years for cedar shakes)

It can be difficult to tell if your roof needs repair or replacing, which is why we help you get a better understanding of your roofing situation with our free roofing inspections.


Gordon Vatcher

"I contacted Brock for a quote. He was able to get me one via email very quickly. I left the job for over a year and he still honoured the quote. The communication was great and the job was done professionally. Would hire again.”


Paul McDonald

"From start to finish, Brock and his team were extremely professional and competent. The job was done to the highest standards, on time and as promised. When removing the old roof, they even made sure my dog had a clean path back to his dog house. The on site staff were awesome.”

Engineered For Lethbridge Winds

While many products seem solid enough to keep your home safe and dry, the roofing products you need depend on the area you live. We only sell & install products we know can withstand Southern Alberta’s notorious wind and hail.

At Top House Roofing, we’ve worked with many different roofing products, and in our experience, we’ve discovered the best shingle for Lethbridge’s harsh wind is the Owens Corning’s TruDefinition Duration Shingle.

Why Us?

Top House Roofing offers unmatched quality of installation, top roofing products and warranties. But what most home-owners appreciate and comment on, is how much we care.

From the quality of care and protection we offer to each of our roofers with our top safety equipment and special underlayment so everyone is able to work safely, to the extra time we take to communicate with home-owners and pick up nails, we stand out because we care.

Top Warranties

We've Got You Covered

Our dedication to quality, and efforts to work with the best roofing products available, means that we are Preferred Contractors and Certified Installers for many of the products we work with. That means that our customers receive premium installations and qualify for extended warranties on many of the roofing products we install.

Because we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we can offer an extended, 50-year warranty we recommend for those living in their forever home.

A Quote Customized Just For You

We spend time with each of our customers to see what your specific needs, desires and budget are, then recommend products based on each of those requirements.

Quotes on additional products are available upon request.