Lethbridge Roof Replacements

Lethbridge Roof Replacement

Many roofing companies quote out a job with vague descriptions and suspiciously low (or high) numbers, which can leave customers frustrated at the lack of transparency, and wondering what, exactly that price includes. Many roofing companies cut corners in an attempt to just get the job done and get paid, making finding a contractor to replace your roof a pain.

At Top House Roofing, we take extra time during each job to explain every aspect to our customers to be both transparent, and to help educate them on the state of their roof – what needs to be fixed, what is still sound, and where preventative maintenance could save them money. 

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Whatever your roofing needs, be it standard or designer shingles, metal cladding, or decorative metal, we install on all sloped roofs at a 2/12 pitch and greater.

Top House Roofing installs the following roofing products:

  1. Laminated architectural shingles – Standard shingles designed to last. These offer quality protection with a fibreglass backing, which helps to preserve shingle integrity.
  2. Class 4 impact resistant shingles with modified SBS rubber – These shingles offer the highest impact rating on the market – great for whatever our volatile Southern Alberta skies decide to throw at it. Because of this rating, most insurance companies offer reduced premiums when this product is installed. You can also expect savings in deductibles since you won’t have to pay to replace your roof after a hail storm.
  3. Designer class 4 impact resistant shingles - Unique designs and patterns that enhance the curb appeal of your home while giving you the integrity and longevity of a class 4 shingle warranted for 50 years.
  4. Metal cladding - 24, 26 and 29 Gauge metal cladding with standing seam hidden fastener or exposed fastener. This is also a class 4 impact rated product. It’s a great way to add a contemporary finish to your home that will last a very long time.
  5. Stone coated metal panels - 26 Gauge Acrylum® covered corrosion resistant steel. Multiple stone coating colour options. Form pressed into designs such as shakes, shingle, and tile. A product that will last a very long time and give your home a luxurious curb appeal.

*Every roof replacement assessment includes two separate quotes: one for laminated shingles and the second for impact resistant shingles. This allows you to see all your options, and which one will best suit you. Quotes on additional products are available upon request*

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When is it Time to Replace My Roof?

Too often we ignore our roof until the rain starts leaking onto our head. Don’t let your roofing get that far. It’s time to replace your roofing when:

  • Shingles curl
  • There’s lots of granular loss (which shows up in your downspouts)
  • Leaks appear
  • Mould begins to form on the plywood in your attic
  • The shingles or other roofing material is reaching the end of its lifespan (anywhere from 15-25 years for 3-tab shingles and 25-40 years for cedar shakes)

Our Most Frequently Asked Question


Do you remove all shingles when you replace the roof?

Top House Roofing’s answer: Yes!

When it’s time for a roof replacement, we strip everything away, right to the bare bones in order to get a good look at the state of your roof. We then do a full roof-deck inspection and complete any needed repairs to deck planks and sheeting, skylight flashings, chimney flashings, and any other structural work needed.

Top House Roofing stands by our work. Call today to schedule in your roofing replacement quote!

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Request A Free Quote Today

To book a free quote for roof replacement in Lethbridge and area, please contact us at your convenience.  We look forward to helping you choose the right option for your roof.

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