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Asphalt shingles are great at keeping the rain off your head, but do little to help your home stand out amongst the crowd. Step up your curb appeal with Top House Roofing’s custom metal roofing solutions, not only built to last, but with designs that will have your neighbours turning green with envy.

From standard metal patterns to gorgeous decorative and stone-coated patterns, Top House Roofing is your metal roofing expert for the Lethbridge and surrounding area. We service Coutts to Claresholm – the Crowsnest Pass to Taber, all with a crew that’s dedicated to giving you the very best in metal roofing solutions.

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Stand out from the Crowd with a Metal Roof

Metal roofing offers a unique touch to residential roofing that is sure to make your home shine. And, the durability of our top-quality metal roofing will ensure you never have to deal with ugly, curling shingles ever again.

Solid, Durable, and Completely Unique

The durability of a quality, metal roof extends beyond simply keeping your home looking good. A metal roof installed by Top House Roofing is built to withstand anything Southern Alberta’s temperamental skies decides to rain (or hail) upon it. And, with every option under that sky to choose from, you can be sure you’ll find a metal roofing pattern as unique as your tastes dictate.

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We're the Best Because We Care

There are a lot of roofing companies out there looking for your business. They advertise low prices and a quick turnaround, but what they end up giving customers is a substandard roof and a bunch of leftover garbage to deal with.

We pride ourselves in being a company who cares not only about our customers, but about our employees, too. Starting with the top, and working its way down to the workers on your roof, Top House Roofing takes care of our team, making sure they’re as safe as they should be. Because of our dedication to their safety and happiness, we can hire only the very best in the roofing business. When the boss cares about the workers, the workers care about their work, our customers get the very best quality of work.


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Whatever your taste, Top House Roofing can install your metal roofing with ease, professionalism, and advise you when you need. Call Top House Roofing today to get a quote!

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Request A Free Quote Today

To book a free quote for a metal roof in Lethbridge and area, please contact us at your convenience.  We look forward to helping you choose the right option for your roof.

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